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Who the hell am I and why am I here?


In 2009, after years of contributing content and reviews to other sites, I thought it was time to start my own. My first site, The Grindhouse Schoolhouse, was born soon after and for several years was very successful, particularly the YouTube channel component. As you all know, life tends to happen and the site was updated less and less frequently, sometimes 8 months passing between new reviews or video content. I thought it was time to start afresh, so here we are. Welcome to my new site, The Grindhouse Effect!

I wish I could say I grew up pounding the pavements of 42nd Street, experiencing the Grindhouse explosion first-hand. But, as with most things in life, I was a little late. Born in 1977, my first experience with cinematic smut was during those great bunk-bedded sleepovers of my childhood where my friend and I would raid his father’s closet for those big-boxed VHS tapes.

But, time marches on and the friend moved away leaving my smutty film options decidedly limited. In many ways my childhood was a little sheltered, but I was a curious young lad and sought out these filmic thrills any way I could.


After years of begging and pleading we were hooked up with cable television in 1990. In those days before the proliferation of American-made, glossy softcore garbage, networks like ShowtimeCinemax and The Movie Channel filled their overnight schedules with Grindhouse favorites from Europe. While my contemporaries were listening to Color Me Badd and Milli Vanilli, I was sneaking out of bed late at night to enjoy the films of Laura Gemser, Ajita Wilson and Sylvia Kristel. Yes, I’m gay, but when you’re 13 nudity is nudity!

When I was finally old enough to buy grindhouse material on my own, I was appalled at what I saw. The days of good acting, smart dialogue and competent filmmaking seemed to be gone, replaced by big hair and videotape. Had I just imagined the films I had seen as a child? Had my youthful naivety made them more then what they really were? I was staring to think so until one day I wandered into the dusty “classics” section of our local adult video store…and the memories came flooding back. Seeing the stars of yesteryear again was almost like meeting up with old friends. Thus, an obsession was born.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here, and I love hearing your comments and suggestions.

Welcome to this new chapter! Welcome to The Grindhouse Effect!


Special thanks to Teri Ratt, P.J. Fernandez, Casey Scott, Gail Palmer, Steven Morowitz, Drew of BBandBC and Chris Olson.

Extra special thanks to everyone who enjoyed the previous site, The Grindhouse Schoolhouse, for making the site and (especially) the YouTube channel such a success. You are truly appreciated and I hope you enjoy this new chapter!

Sleaze for the true cinephile.

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