Latest content update: June 7th, 2020

Welcome to The Grindhouse Effect, a new site picking up where The Grindhouse Schoolhouse left off. It was time to start fresh and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer with this site!

The new website is more than just a fresh start, it’s a chance to expand my horizons. Oh, we’ll still be covering the sleazy, sexy films we all love and adore, don’t you worry. In addition we will branch out into related genres that sexploitation fans love as well: kaiju, cheesy superhero ripoffs, z-grade sci-fi and lots more. That’s why I’ve decided to call the site The Grindhouse Effect: the love of grindhouse films tends to ripple into related genres and I’m all about celebrating that!

All the reviews from the old site have moved on over and there is a ton more new content! Enjoy and please ask your Grindhouse buddies to check us out!

Bonnie Holiday’s First Time

Ajita Wilson and the Talking Mule

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“Playing out like a sexualized VERTIGO, the film twists and turns in so many directions that the viewer is as disoriented as the naive heroine, trundling with Julie towards her fate. It is this deliberate disorientation of the viewer that is the film’s most brilliant trick. As the starlet is drawn deeper and deeper into Max and Camila’s web, so too is the viewer, making her the ultimate audience identification figure.”