November 8th, 2022 Update

Hello again, everyone! New review for you today…


The venerable Joe D’Amato wasn’t the only director to see the value of photographing Laura Gemser undraped in exotic locales. Her career was truly international, with romps through the United States, Egypt, Greece and, for Sergio Gobbi’s INTERNATIONAL PROSTITUTION: BRIGADE CRIMINELLE, Hong Kong. A police thriller, the film is a change of pace for Gemser. Here she enjoys a more relaxed role than that of the globe-trotting, bed-hopping Black Emanuelle.


January 10, 2022 Update

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I’ve been able to say this: there is a new review on the site! We’re staring out 2022 with Joe D’Amato’s classic ELEVEN DAYS, ELEVEN NIGHTS!

In addition to the review, you’ll also find our re-edited version of the trailer, three selections from the soundtrack, and an image gallery!

You can check out our review by clicking the link below:


June 7th, 2020 Update

Hello again! Back in 2015, I had the very great honor of having an article published in CINEMA SEWER, accompanied by jaw-dropping illustrations by the great Robin Bougie. With Robin’s blessing, I am now sharing that article on The Grindhouse Effect. CREATED BY CINEMA: THE ENIGMA OF AJITA WILSON is an exploration of the undiminished allure of the late Ms. Wilson. So many questions linger about her life…but would the answers, and the light they would shed on this mysterious figure, dimish the ongoing fascination genre fans have for this statuesque beauty?

You can read the article HERE.

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-Johnny Stanwyck

December 29th, 2021 Update

Well…it’s been a year and a half, and what a time it’s been in the world. I’m grateful to see in the stats that people continue to visit, even when so much time has gone by since there was new content. We are gearing up to make a new start in 2022, so we thought we would close out 2021 with a new video to share. The first four film reviews of 2022 are already complete, and will go up in due course. In the meantime…

Sebastian Gregory came to Hollywood to do…well, something. Instead, he became a gigolo. However, when the women find out about each other, he in for more than he can handle! Tony Vorno (using the character’s name, Sebastian Gregory) wrote, directed and starred in this silly sexploitation comedy. The film, in all it’s full-frontal glory, is available from Something Weird Video. We couldn’t show you much, as the cast runs around naked (the ladies, and Mr. Vorno) for most of the film!

May 2nd, 2020 Update

Wow…has it really been just shy of a year since the last update? Well, I guess I better trot out something fun and rare to make up for it!

I’m excited to present this rarity from my collection. Laura Gemser, Black Emanuelle herself, recorded this single in 1980. I’ve ripped the vinyl and cleaned up the recording the best I can. I hope you enjoy it! The song was later used in the closing credits of the Gemser vehicle VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN’S PRISON. This can be heard below, and on the SOUNDS page.

Crazy Eyes (And We’ll Love Again) written by Thierry Durbet, B. Chatenet and H. Banks. A PSP Production. © 1980, RCA.

If you would like to share this around, I have also uploaded the song to the YouTube channel. You can find the tune here.

See you again soon!

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