joyflymusicThis month we present two cheesy-breezy selections from the 1977 German sex comedy JOY OF FLYING. First up is the theme music (which sounds like a 70’s shampoo commercial) then the outrageously goofy “C’mon Let’s Do It!” which turned up again in the 1983 film THE PUSSYCAT SYNDROME. Enjoy! You can read our review of JOY OF FLYING here.

JOY OF FLYING THEME (music by Gerhard Heinz)

C’MON LET’S DO IT (music by Gerhard Heinz)


bubbles“Bubbles” (DEEP THROAT, 1972)
From the flick that launched adult films into the stratosphere, DEEP THROAT! “Mind if I smoke…while you’re eating?”

A new musical selection will appear each month. If you enjoy this selection, consider purchasing the excellent DEEP THROAT ANTHOLOGY 2-CD set!

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