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rialto_logo_stackedTHE RIALTO REPORT – An essential resource for anyone interested in Grindhouse Cinema. For their website: “Oral history, audio, photo, and documentary archives from the golden age of adult film in New York, and beyond.” Their podcast is legendary!

SeverinSEVERIN FILMS – An absolutely incredible source for all your exploitation and cult favorites! At Severin you’ll find the adventures of Black Emanuelle, the sleazy world of Jess Franco, the enigmatic Ajita Wilson and so much more. They really give their releases the royal treatment at Severin and have been leading the way for more than a decade. Check ’em out!

heatherMONDO HEATHER – Writer Heather Drain brings her unique voice to the world of cinema. Her site is chock full of reviews and musings on a myriad of topics and is essential reading! The site’s manifesto says it all: “It is all about celebrating film, music and culture in general that is wild, unloved, the misfit elf, fringe and overall, the strange aesthetic. This ranges from “respected” art and foreign films to back room treasures to the album that may have gotten overlooked in the old dustbin and beyond.”

sewerCINEMA SEWER – From the mind and pen of artist Robin Bougie comes this absolutely original take on the Grindhouse and Sleaze film! Amazing illustrations and exclusive content that defies description and must be seen to be believed. From CS’s Facebook page: The publication is in a comic book sized format, and uses graphic pornographic comics, illustrations and writing to focus on and review classic films in the exploitation, blaxploitation, sexploitation, horror, and porn genres. (An article by me appears in issue #29.) 😉

distribpixDISTRIBPIX/VIDEO-X-PIX – One of the biggest and best distributors of vintage adult films on the planet! Their extensive library includes the hardcore films of Radley Metzger which ahve been beautifully restored. Also, check out their Platinum Elite editions of BLONDE AMBITION and INSIDE JENNIFER WELLES among others. You’ll also find a great selection of wearables and vintage memorabilia for sale!

vinsynVINEGAR SYNDROME – The folks at Vinegar Syndrome have been at the forefront of genre film restoration for the last few years and their library is truly impressive. Check out their terrific range of DVDs and Blu-Rays for a real treat.

IAFD_logo180x120THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE – The ultimate research resource for fans of adult cinema! Think of it as the IMDb of adult. Absolutely essential!

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