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International Prostitution: Brigade Criminelle (1980)
S: Laura Gemser, Jean-Louis Broust – D: Sergio Gobbi
Having grown tired of “the life,” a young prostitute flees her pimp, and finds deadly comeuppance at his hands. Marcone is quickly captured in Hong Kong, and police detective is sent from Paris to collect him and bring him to justice. Review, Gallery

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Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (1987)
S: Jessica Moore, Joshua McDonald – D: Joe D’Amato
Michael seems to have it all. It’s not until he meets Sarah that he realizes something is missing. What he thinks will be a one-and-done fling quickly spirals into a torrid descent into depravity. Review, Video Clip, Audio Clips, Gallery

Glitter (1983)
S: Jerry Butler, Shauna Grant – D: Roberta Findlay
A nerdy rich boy suddenly finds himself in charge of his father’s ad agency. Can he juggle backstabbing colleagues and deadlines while trying to win the heart of a young model? Review, Video Clip, Gallery

Suzie Superstar (1983)
S: Shauna Grant, John Leslie – D: Robert McCallum
Suzie Mitchell and her band are riding high, but at the mercy of their money-grubbing manager. Sex, blackmail, and rock-n-roll ensue!
Review and Video Clips

The Young Like it Hot (1983)
S: Hyapatia Lee, Shauna Grant – D: Bob Chinn
With the prospect of losing their jobs to computers looming, the women of the phone company hatch a plan to give the ultimate in customer satisfactionReview and Gallery

Help Wanted, Female (1968)
S: Tony Vorno, Inga Olsen, Lucki Winn – D: John Hayes
A stripper must fight for her life when she takes on a new client. Can she escape his world of S&M, easy kicks and murder?
Review, Gallery and Video Clip

The Hang Up (1969)
S: Tony Vorno, Sharon Matt – D: John Hayes
A judgmental vice cop finds himself drawn into the seedy world of the sexual underground when he falls for a young prostitute.
Review and Gallery

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981)
S: Mandy Miller, Julie Lee – D: David Hughes
A photographer, his wife and their friend Emmanuelle try to make it in London’s notorious Red Light District.
Review and Gallery

Sugar Cookies (1973)
S: Lynn Lowry, Mary Woronov – D: Theodore Gershuny
A young actress gets roped into a web of psychosexual cruelty at the hands of a sinister agent.
Review and Gallery

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