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Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (1987)
S: Jessica Moore, Joshua McDonald – D: Joe D’Amato
Michael is an architect who seems to have it all. It’s not until he meets Sarah that he realizes something is missing. What he thinks will be a one-and-done last fling with a mysterious stranger quickly spirals into a torrid descent into depravity.
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Glitter (1983)
S: Jerry Butler, Shauna Grant – D: Roberta Findlay
A nerdy rich boy suddenly finds himself in charge of his father’s ad agency. Can he juggle backstabbing colleagues and deadlines while trying to win the heart of a young model? Review, Video Clip, Gallery

Suzie Superstar (1983)
S: Shauna Grant, John Leslie – D: Robert McCallum
Suzie Mitchell and her band are riding high, but at the mercy of their money-grubbing manager. Sex, blackmail, and rock-n-roll ensue!
Review and Video Clips

The Young Like it Hot (1983)
S: Hyapatia Lee, Shauna Grant – D: Bob Chinn
With the prospect of losing their jobs to computers looming, the women of the phone company hatch a plan to give the ultimate in customer satisfactionReview and Gallery

Help Wanted, Female (1968)
S: Tony Vorno, Inga Olsen, Lucki Winn – D: John Hayes
A stripper must fight for her life when she takes on a new client. Can she escape his world of S&M, easy kicks and murder?
Review, Gallery and Video Clip

The Hang Up (1969)
S: Tony Vorno, Sharon Matt – D: John Hayes
A judgmental vice cop finds himself drawn into the seedy world of the sexual underground when he falls for a young prostitute.
Review and Gallery

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981)
S: Mandy Miller, Julie Lee – D: David Hughes
A photographer, his wife and their friend Emmanuelle try to make it in London’s notorious Red Light District.
Review and Gallery

Sugar Cookies (1973)
S: Lynn Lowry, Mary Woronov – D: Theodore Gershuny
A young actress gets roped into a web of psychosexual cruelty at the hands of a sinister agent.
Review and Gallery


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