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Welcome to the new-look SCREENING ROOM! This is a work in progress as we move to hosting the entire archive on site rather than through streaming services. This will allow us more control over what we can share with you and older videos will slowly be upgraded to higher quality. During the transition, here are the most recent and some of the more popular videos we’ve presented over the years, with the full archive to return very soon! Enjoy!

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Re-Edited Trailer

You can also read our review of the film, and hear selections from the soundtrack, at the following link:

Scenes from COME ONE, COME ALL (1970)

Sebastian Gregory came to Hollywood to do…well, something. Instead, he became a gigolo. However, when the women find out about each other, he in for more than he can handle! Tony Vorno (using the character’s name, Sebastian Gregory) wrote, directed and starred in this silly sexploitation comedy. The film, in all it’s full-frontal glory, is available from Something Weird Video. You’ll find a couple of clips below. We couldn’t show you much, as the cast runs around naked (the ladies, and Mr. Vorno) for most of the film!

Recent Uploads

Ajita Wilson and her most unusual co-star…a talking mule! From THE PUSSYCAT SYNDROME (1983).

Just a little walk down memory lane, featuring logos from Cal Vista, HIS Video, VidAmerica, Aquarius Releasing, Alpha France and more!

Golden age regular Bonnie Holiday talks about her first time. An even longer excerpt of this loop can be seen in Alex De Renzy’s documentary “History of the Blue Movie” (1970).

We continue our look at the life and career of Shauna Grant with this extract from GLITTER (1983). You can read our review of the film here.

As part of our look at the life and career of Shauna Grant, we present two videos from her hit SUZIE SUPERSTAR (1983). First up, a selection of musical highlights, followed by an edited version of the trailer. You can read our review of SUZIE SUPERSTAR here.

EMANUELLE IN BANGKOK: A TRIBUTE 2.0 Originally appearing on the old site, this video is scenes from the sexploitation classic EMANUELLE IN BANGKOK, set to music from the film. I’ve slightly re-worked it and am excited to bring it back! Enjoy!


Pam Grier and Margaret Markov star in the off-the-chain women-in-prison opus BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA! Click here to watch the trailer and you can check out our review of the film here.
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Follow the adventures of the intrepid Batwoman and her bevy of buxom Bat-Girls in this daffy ripoff of the 1966 “Batman” TV show. Infamously bad, rolicking fun from schlockmeister Jerry Warren. You can read our review of THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN here.
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One of those films whose history is more interesting than the film itself. Released in 1970 as THE PARTY AT KITTY AND STUD’S, then completely re-edited in 1976 as ITALIAN STALLION to capitalize on Stallone’s fame. A hardcore version was later released with scenes cut in from the film WHITE FIRE. View Trailer


The gloriously gaudy disco tune “Shine Your Love On Me” is just one of the things that makes ANGELS REVENGE such a cheese movie classic! Susan Kiger lip-syncs to Patty Foley’s vocals. The song was also recorded by Vicki Sue Robinson the same year. You can also read our review of the film here. View Clip


Before Lynda Carter turned heads and swirled lassos as the Amazing Amazon, Cathy Lee Crosby played the role in thie 1974 TV movie (reviewed here). Unjustly forgotten alternate chapter in the Wonder Woman saga!
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And now, a few pieces from the archives. Please note, these were originally created for streaming sites so the quality is lower. These will be upgraded as time goes on.



The Enigmatic Beauty: A tribute to the mysterious Ajita Wilson. Little is known about Wilson’s life, though rumor and innuendo abound. I have my own opinion on the subject, but my feelings can best be summed up by the quote at the end of the video. View Video


Laura Gemser: An Impossible Love
Using the beautiful song “An Impossible Love” from the Black Emanuelle soundtrack, I’ve made this musical tribute to cult siren Laura Gemser. Back in the old streaming days, this video managed 3 million views! View Video


EMANUELLE AND THE WHITE SLAVE TRADE, which we reviewed here, is more naughty fun with Laura Gemser, as globe-trotting reporter Emanuelle. This was the last of the Black Emanuelle films to be directed by Joe D’Amato. View Trailer


THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO Dyanne Thorne stars as the fairy godmother in this innocently-sleazy take on the story of Pinocchio! ‘Tis not the nose that grows! Absolutely silly and perfectly charming! View Trailer


SCORE is a real gem, reviewed here, about married swingers who meet a naive, recently married couple. The swingers bet each other to see who can seduce the same-sex member of the other couple first. One of my all-time favorite films. View Trailer


DEBBIE DOES DALLAS What Grindhouse site would be complete without Debbie? Bambi Woods stars as a cheerleader trying to earn money to go to Texas to audition for the “Texas Cowgirls.” You’ve read our review, so why not view the trailer?


THE CONCRETE JUNGLE In this Women-in-Prison classic, Tracy Bregman finally has enough of the evil Cat (Barbara Luna) – leading to a phenomenal fight to the death! Pure exploitation its finest!
View Clip


PASSAGE THRU PAMELA Pamela becomes a top model after catching her husband in bed with another woman. Success may be the best revenge, but her shocking secret could ruin her! Really well-made and performed. View Trailer


EASY Hilarious cat fight between Georgina Spelvin and Jesie St. James from EASY (reviewed here). Totally over-the-top, as if you were watching a dirty movie and someone switched the channel over to Knots Landing. View Clip


AJITA WILSON GETS DOWN! In this delightfully-dopey scene from EROTIC PASSION, the fabulous Ajita Wilson shakes her shapely rear at a disco. Features a GREAT tune by composer Giovanni Ullu!
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EROTIC PASSION In one of the many Greek-lensed sleaze fests starring Ajita Wilson, our gun-totin’ opens up a can of whoopass on the rest of the cast. One of the better Greek sexploiters of the 70’s. View Clip


HOT LEGS A classic we reviewed here. A nylon stocking executive struggles to launch an ad campaign in spite of iffy investors, snotty models and photographers, who seem to be more interested in shagging each other than working. View Trailer


PROFESSOR RASPOUTINE Not only is this French pokefest, which we have reviewed here, hilariously goofy fun, it boasts a ludicrous theme tune which totally rips of the Boney M “classic” RASPUTIN.
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A bit of fun and frolic from the 1977 German sex comedy JOY OF FLYING. Long a staple of late-night cable, this one will bring back memories! You can also read our review of the film. View Clip


THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES Georgina Spelvin shines as the suicidal, hell-bound Justine Jones. A major early achievement in adult cinema, reviewed here. From the director of DEEP THROAT, Gerard Damiano. View Trailer


IN LOVE In this fine adult melodrama, a man and a woman have a brief affair and spend the next 20 years trying to forget the love they shared. You can read our review here. One of Chuck Vincent’s finest adult films. View Trailer


SEX WISH A surprisingly good adult take-off of DEATH WISH stars Harry Reems in a very effective performance. Despite the silly title and breathless trailer narration, the film is quite powerful. View Trailer


SOMETIME SWEET SUSAN In a rather good bit of adult drama, Shawn Harris plays both the catatonic Susan and her foul-mouthed, trashy second personality Sandra. Harry Reems is the Doctor who tries to bring Susan back to herself. View Trailer


A DEEP COMPASSION An (almost hilariously) earnest adults-only melodrama about a blind man, his imaginary lover and a mean brute named Rocky. Clip quality is really rough, but this one is ultra-rare! View Clip

Sleaze for the true cinephile.

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