November 8th, 2022 Update

Hello again, everyone! New review for you today…


The venerable Joe D’Amato wasn’t the only director to see the value of photographing Laura Gemser undraped in exotic locales. Her career was truly international, with romps through the United States, Egypt, Greece and, for Sergio Gobbi’s INTERNATIONAL PROSTITUTION: BRIGADE CRIMINELLE, Hong Kong. A police thriller, the film is a change of pace for Gemser. Here she enjoys a more relaxed role than that of the globe-trotting, bed-hopping Black Emanuelle.

Having grown tired of “the life,” a young prostitute flees her pimp (the charmingly-scary Gabriele Tinti as Tony Marcone), and finds deadly comeuppance at his hands. Marcone is quickly captured in Hong Kong, and police detective Philippe Dega (Jean-Louis Broust) is sent from Paris to collect him and bring him to justice.


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