Enigma: Ajita Wilson

“She was charming, beautiful and very professional.
The rest is not important.” – Carlos Aured


Thirty years ago one of the most enigmatic sirens of 20th-Century cinema was tragically lost to us. Since her untimely death, Ajita Wilson has been a figure of mystery, of whispers and gossip…but no one could deny her talent or unmatched screen presence.

At The Grindhouse Effect, we would like to commemorate her contribution to exploitation cinema by re-posting this video tribute we created several years back. You can also read my full article on the mystery surrounding Ajita Wilson in issue #29 of the CINEMA SEWER Magazine, or in the collected edition book, CINEMA SEWER Volume Six.

An excerpt…

In this world of celebrity obsession, it is interesting to know there is a star who continues to entice, to fascinate, to intrigue and to pique our curiosity long after her death — and does so without tabloids or gossip columnists to stoke the public’s appetite for more. Neither the passing of time nor the mystery surrounding her life has dimmed her light or managed to snuff out film fans’ longing to know more about the statuesque, enigmatic beauty known as Ajita Wilson.

-Johnny Stanwyck, Created by Cinema: The Enigma of Ajita Wilson, CINEMA SEWER #29.

Copies of the CINEMA SEWER, both the magazine and book editions, can be purchased at their official site.

The aforementioned video tribute…

-Johnny Stanwyck


REVIEW Black Aphrodite
REVIEW Joy of Flying
REVIEW Savage Island
VIDEO Ajita Wilson Gets Down! (Disco Scene From “Erotic Passion.”)
VIDEO Erotic Passion (More Scenes From the Film)
VIDEO Savage Island (Edited Trailer)


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