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June 20th Update

Hello again! This time around we review the weird and intriguing LITTLE MISS INNOCENCE. This 1973 flick, the directorial debut of Chris Warfield, stars John Alderman as a bachelor who picks up two sexy hitchhikers (Sandy Dempsey and Terri Johnson) thinking he’s in for a good time. What he gets is far more bizarre and unhinged than he could have imagined! You can check out the review here.

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Enjoy! See you next time!

May 20th Update

Hello again! New in this update, a review of 1978’s naughty “thriller” ISLAND OF 1,000 DELIGHTS. It’s a film best summed up as: “Beautiful people do ugly things in beautiful places. Naked.” You can read the full review here.


Stay tuned for the next update, coming mid-week. There will be groovy new sleaze tunes on the sounds page and we’ll be spiffing up an old review to reflect a dazzling new Blu-Ray release! See you then!

-Johnny Stanwyck