Lots of fun stuff to kick off April here at The Grindhouse Effect!

We’ve got a brand-new wallpaper based on the poster of CONFESSIONS OF LINDA LOVELACE.

Two selections from the soundtrack of the 1977 German sex comedy JOY OF FLYING.

We take another look at the 1974 TV film WONDER WOMAN starring Cathy Lee Crosby.

I’ve gotten a few messages asking when I’ll be doing more straightforward sex film reviews. Well, stay tuned in the coming weeks for reviews of some super sordid sexy cinema!

-Johnny Stanwyck

I’ve decided to make a little change and do two wallpapers a month instead of just one! So, the latest wallpaper, inspired by the Italian poster for DEAR DEAD DELILAH (1972). Here’s a preview, and you can download the full version in our Wallpapers section.


March 17th Update

Today’s update is a two-fer…

batwomanupdateIn the Screening Room, check out the trailer for the delightfully horrid Batman ripoff THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN. I’ve also republished my review of the film (which originally appeared on the former BBandBC Podcast website) in the Film Reviews section.

Enjoy! Look for another update sometime between tomorrow and Wednesday (depending on life stuff, you know.)

March 10th Update

stallone02Today’s update is in our Screening Room. Just added, the re-release trailer for ITALIAN STALLION (1970/1976) – one of those films whose history is more interesting than the film itself. Shot softcore and released in 1970 as THE PARTY AT KITTY AND STUD’S, then re-released completely re-edited in 1976 as ITALIAN STALLION to capitalize on Sylvester Stallone’s fame. A hardcore version was released in Germany with scenes cut in from the film WHITE FIRE. Check out the trailer in our Screening Room and don’t forget more than 100 other videos can be seen on our YouTube channel! Enjoy!

-Johnny Stanwyck

So…what’s new here? A lot, since you asked! With the new re-launched, re-branded website you’ll find nearly all the content from the old site plus lots more!

ANGELS BRIGADE (1979) in which seven plucky ladies take on dastardly drug lords. Also the excellent documentary VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE (2010), an in-depth look at the Video Nasties scandal in 1980’s Britain.

Honey-Dipped Chocolate: Laura Gemser She was the Queen of Sexploitation for more than a decade in a career that lasted nearly twice as long.  The busy actress could also be found dodging zombies and cannibals or fielding samurai swords and disarming crime busters while loving every minute of it!

New to this website, the Wallpapers section! Each month we’ll feature a new Grindhouse-themed wallpaper for you to download to your desktop. This month our wallpaper is based on the slimy VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN’S PRISON.

Another new section, each month a new piece of music from the Grindhouse Universe! This month: “Bubbles” (DEEP THROAT, 1972) From the flick that launched adult films into the stratosphere, DEEP THROAT! “Mind if I smoke…while you’re eating?” Check out the groovy sounds this month!

I hope you enjoy this new site! More to come later in the month!

-Johnny Stanwyck