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November 4th Update

Hello, friends! New sounds and wallpapers today!

This month, inspired by the poster art for THE MIDNIGHT RIPPER/YOU’LL DIE AT MIDNIGHT (1986). You can download the full size version on the WALLPAPERS page. A bite sized preview…


box-inhibitionsoundWe’ve added two tracks from the sultry soundtrack of INHIBITION (1976) which we previously reviewed here. Check out the SOUNDS page two hear these two great songs written by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

Enjoy! Back soon with more reviews!

-Johnny Stanwyck

June 10th Update

newlookHello! Took a little break and now we’re back! First off, we’ve got a major overhaul of the SCREENING ROOM. We’re moving away from streaming sites and into hosting the videos onsite so we can bring you a more reliable, diverse experience. Older videos will be gradually updated with higher quality versions and the new SCREENING ROOM continues to grow. Check it out!

Also, not one but TWO new Grindhouse wallpapers! First from Lucio Fulci’s THE NEW YORK RIPPER and the second from the classic spookfest FRANKENSTEIN’S CASTLE OF FREAKS (whose artwork would later be purloined for Joe D’Amato’s EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD!)

Here are a couple of previews, check out the WALLPAPERS page for the full-sized versions as well as previous selections!


In the next week or so: a new review, a new article, two new animations and (finally) updates to the SOUNDS page! See you next time!

-Johnny Stanwyck

May 13th Update

Hello! Thank you for the amazing response to my article on Karin Schubert, which has become the most popular thing I’ve ever written and published online!

New today are a wallpaper based on poster art of Lucio Fulci’s CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD…


…and a silly new animation from EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD. Enjoy!

“Erotic Nights of the Living Dead”

More to come later in the week!

-Johnny Stanwyck

May 2nd Update

circlekWelcome, everybody, to a new month at The Grindhouse Effect!

Let’s start out with a new article, The Sacrifice of Karin Schubert. With her cool blue eyes and golden hair, Karin Schubert had a beauty created for the camera. Her film career skyrocketed in classics such as BLUEBEARD and DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR as well as cult classics like BLACK EMANUELLE. What was the tragic secret that would make this successful mainstream star move into the world of hardcore sex films? Check out the article here.

Next up, a new wallpaper, this time based on the poster art for Lucio Fulci’s AENIGMA. Here’s a preview, check out the full size version here.


-Johnny Stanwyck

April 7th Update

Lots of fun stuff to kick off April here at The Grindhouse Effect!

We’ve got a brand-new wallpaper based on the poster of CONFESSIONS OF LINDA LOVELACE.

Two selections from the soundtrack of the 1977 German sex comedy JOY OF FLYING.

We take another look at the 1974 TV film WONDER WOMAN starring Cathy Lee Crosby.

I’ve gotten a few messages asking when I’ll be doing more straightforward sex film reviews. Well, stay tuned in the coming weeks for reviews of some super sordid sexy cinema!

-Johnny Stanwyck